California has several prime locations for harvesting grapes and producing rich wines, so long as you have the experts who can put them to its optimal use. The Riboli Family has been specializing in wine for 100 years! That record certainly qualifies as expertise. They have created five exceptional wines reminiscent of the coastal town of San Simeon.

San Simeon Viognier, bright, ripe and filled with peach flavors is perfect on a warm evening. The other white composite from this region is the San Simeon Chardonnay, well-balanced, rich and filled with tropical fruits highlighting citrus and pear.

San Simeon Pinot Noir has been barrel aged for 10 months and boasts flavors of black cherry and raspberry; it’s soft yet rich and carries an aroma of cinnamon. San Simeon Petit Sirah is 70% French oak with a dense purple color and peppery notes along with blackberry and ripe plum.


San Simeon Cabernet Sauvignon is spiced with plum, black cherry and enhanced by tinges of cocoa. San Simeon Syrah stands firm with intense flavors of boysenberry, pomegranate and plum, with a lengthy finish. San Simeon Merlot is undeniably unique with cassis, blackberry and aromas of black fruit and mint.

This collection is complete for every cabinet and every palate, made exclusively in California and claiming many awards along the way.

Learn more about the brand at San Simeon Wines can be purchased at local retailers, at San Antonio Winery in Los Angeles, Ontario, and Paso Robles, and online at


Img. 1: @tarihc