It will be a weekend to remember, and San Simeon wines will have you celebrating in class.  This award-winning collection is a sure crowd pleaser.  Syrah wines are deep reds that have a plush mouthfeel and a lengthy finish.  If you want to invite elegance to your party, have San Simeon Syrah make an appearance.

This 2007 wine has intense flavors of boysenberry, plum and pomegranate.  A triple-combo that unifies as nicely as red, white and blue.  It’s a time to take pride in your origins and San Simeon is a brand we are proud of because of the determination behind capturing the regions greatest aspects in every bottle.  Special attention is given to the vineyards of the prestigious Paso Robles where our Syrah is crafted.

The history is rich in San Simeon wines.  Created by the Riboli Family who has continued the tradition of wine making for the last 99 years.  Bring in a taste of history into the celebration of history this 4th of July.

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Happy Celebrating!