High-quality wines will often transport you to a familiar place.  The distinct tastes and fragrances sink into your senses and spark up memories.  Like summer eves spent in the woods, breathing in the great outdoors and nestling by campfires.  San Simeon Pinot Noir does just that with its aromas of oak spice and flavors of black cherry.  This ideal combination creates a lingering smokey finish that will capture your palate and your other senses.  A rich wine with ripe fruity notes, this Pinot is anything but ordinary.  It’s a stand-alone flavor, rare and satisfying.

Birthed in the Monterey vineyards, this Pinot Noir’s unmistakable flavor is one that pairs well steak, chicken and any hearty meats.  It’s also delectable with dark chocolate.  This is one that keeps well, so don’t worry about storing it in your cellar until that special meal.  Or until you head out for a camping trip and want to bring the perfect wine to sip by the fire.  Of course, this tastes great with pasta and should be table-side for any Italian dish.

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Photo credit: @cuban_heart_pinay