Seafood can be a bit intimidating to try out in the kitchen but it is oh so tasty with wine. With the abundance of food possibilities out there, there is something for everyone and we have a simple scallop idea that pairs perfectly with a glass of San Simeon Chardonnay that you can enjoy at home. It’s so good you might decide not to share and enjoy this one on your own!

Our San Simeon Chardonnay is created in cool climates and captures tropical citrus fruit flavors. This tastes great with scallops and we’re going to top them over avocado and tortilla chips for easy but exquisite finger food.

You’ll want to serve the scallops last, so let’s go through the first couple steps prior to getting to the scallops.

Mash up a couple of avocados, squeeze in lime juice, and add salt. Scoop these on top of tortilla chips. On top of that, place some micro greens and chopped cilantro.


For the scallops, pat them dry then season with salt, pepper, and any other seasonings you enjoy. We like cumin and paprika, and if you want some kick, add a pinch of cayenne pepper.

Add oil to a nonstick pan and make sure it gets nice and hot. When you place the scallops they should sizzle. You also want to give them space – don’t overcrowd the pan. Scallops don’t take long to cook – just two minutes on each side so they are seared to a golden brown and the sides are no longer transparent.

Transfer atop the tostadas you created and pour yourself a chilled glass of San Simeon Chardonnay for all the hard work you did 😉

Buon appetito!

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