• It’s Not A Race, But There Is A Winner

    As you know, winemaking is an art and not one that can be rushed. There are many components that make a bottle of wine one you want to buy over and over again. Such things as where the grapes were picked, the climate and terrain of the region, handpicking out the bad grapes, soaking them, the type of oak barrel, etc.  Of course, the knowledge of the winemaker and combination of flavors also plays a role.  If all of this comes together, in harmony, you may have yourself an award-winning wine.

    Award-winning dry wines are what you’ll find in our San Simeon collection.  Harvested in the coastal regions of Paso Robles and Monterey, these vineyards yield grapes with concentrated flavors and aromas.  The San Antonio Winery winemakers create varietals that have character and depth.  Rich with tropical fruits, ripe berries, and a fragrant nose, these award-winning dry wines are unmistakably unique.

    They’ve earned several wine awards and you can see for yourself here!  And better yet, you can try for yourself by purchasing San Simeon dry wines at your local retailers, in-store at our 3 winery locations or at our online store.

    You might be new to dry wines but that’s even better if you’re starting with San Simeon award-winning wines, they’ve been recognized for good reasons, ones you’ll be able to taste.

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