• Travel Between Acidity and Smoothness

    Do you want to have a star in your wine collection? You will have the chance to show off in front of your friends with this one. The star is Viognier Wine, one of the San Simeon Wines. It is well known because, thanks to our winemakers, it became an award-winning wine. From the San Simeon Collection, the winemakers pay special attention to produce high quality artisan wines that are curated with detail to satisfy all palates.

    Viognier Wine is not just an award winning wine. It is also delicious and will seduce you as soon as the first meeting. Viognier has been waiting for you. San Simeon Viognier is very generous in flavors. It offers smooth flavors while you are feeling the acidity. Both fit perfectly together and will leave a pleasant feeling in your mouth.

    Choose this wine for many occasions. At a classy dinner, Viognier Wine will reveal its character and its class. Your guests will be won over. For an afternoon summer break by the pool, Viognier Wine will be ever-refreshing. Pair this wine with a simple light meal and you will easily taste both sides of its personality.

    Don’t wait to discover this mouthful of pleasure.

    San Simeon Wines can be purchased at your local retailer or at San Antonio Winery. To learn more about this brand, visit SanSimeonVineyard.com and be sure to follow the brand on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and use #SanSimeonWines on fan photos!

  • Just like being by the Campfire

    High-quality wines will often transport you to a familiar place.  The distinct tastes and fragrances sink into your senses and spark up memories.  Like summer eves spent in the woods, breathing in the great outdoors and nestling by campfires.  San Simeon Pinot Noir does just that with its aromas of oak spice and flavors of black cherry.  This ideal combination creates a lingering smokey finish that will capture your palate and your other senses.  A rich wine with ripe fruity notes, this Pinot is anything but ordinary.  It’s a stand-alone flavor, rare and satisfying.

    Birthed in the Monterey vineyards, this Pinot Noir’s unmistakable flavor is one that pairs well steak, chicken and any hearty meats.  It’s also delectable with dark chocolate.  This is one that keeps well, so don’t worry about storing it in your cellar until that special meal.  Or until you head out for a camping trip and want to bring the perfect wine to sip by the fire.  Of course, this tastes great with pasta and should be table-side for any Italian dish.

    Enjoy your San Simeon Pinot Noir any time of year and check out the whole collection on our website, SanSimeonVineyard.com. Follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to learn more about our brands.


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  • Take A Walk Along The California Coast

    The great thing about wine is each bottle is like a teleporter; it ignites your senses and transports you to different places around the world. The climate of the region, minerals in the soil and richness of the land can be tasted through the grapes of every region.

    San Simeon epitomizes what makes the California Coast so stunning, and provides the highest quality and character for wines. Our Syrah features intense flavors of boysenberry, plum and pomegranate with a lengthy finish of vanilla and cinnamon. It’s unique and captivating, and will leave your mouth wondering where it just went.

    A trip to the Coast this time of year is spectacular, but it doesn’t have to cost you excessive gas fill-ups, road trip snacks and cheap hotel stays. If you want a quick getaway to the rugged shorelines, grab a bottle, or two, of San Simeon Syrah and happy travels!

    Don’t just read about this fabulous San Simeon wines brand, find the one that speaks most to you and share your experience with us on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter and use #SanSimeonWines in your caption. You can also find other brands made by the Riboli Family at SanAntonioWinery.com

  • Pair Your San Simeon Coastal Wine With Food From The Coastal Seas

    Seafood can be a bit intimidating to try out in the kitchen but it is oh so tasty with wine. With the abundance of food possibilities out there, there is something for everyone and we have a simple scallop idea that pairs perfectly with a glass of San Simeon Chardonnay that you can enjoy at home. It’s so good you might decide not to share and enjoy this one on your own!

    Our San Simeon Chardonnay is created in cool climates and captures tropical citrus fruit flavors. This tastes great with scallops and we’re going to top them over avocado and tortilla chips for easy but exquisite finger food.

    You’ll want to serve the scallops last, so let’s go through the first couple steps prior to getting to the scallops.

    Mash up a couple of avocados, squeeze in lime juice, and add salt. Scoop these on top of tortilla chips. On top of that, place some micro greens and chopped cilantro.


    For the scallops, pat them dry then season with salt, pepper, and any other seasonings you enjoy. We like cumin and paprika, and if you want some kick, add a pinch of cayenne pepper.

    Add oil to a nonstick pan and make sure it gets nice and hot. When you place the scallops they should sizzle. You also want to give them space – don’t overcrowd the pan. Scallops don’t take long to cook – just two minutes on each side so they are seared to a golden brown and the sides are no longer transparent.

    Transfer atop the tostadas you created and pour yourself a chilled glass of San Simeon Chardonnay for all the hard work you did 😉

    Buon appetito!

    San Simeon Chardonnay and other varietals in the brand can be purchased at local retailers, San Antonio Winery in-store, or online at SanAntonioWinery.com. Learn more about our award-winning San Simeon brand by visiting SanSimeonWines.com and following our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

  • Bottled Off The Coast Of California

    California has several prime locations for harvesting grapes and producing rich wines, so long as you have the experts who can put them to its optimal use. The Riboli Family has been specializing in wine for 100 years! That record certainly qualifies as expertise. They have created five exceptional wines reminiscent of the coastal town of San Simeon.

    San Simeon Viognier, bright, ripe and filled with peach flavors is perfect on a warm evening. The other white composite from this region is the San Simeon Chardonnay, well-balanced, rich and filled with tropical fruits highlighting citrus and pear.

    San Simeon Pinot Noir has been barrel aged for 10 months and boasts flavors of black cherry and raspberry; it’s soft yet rich and carries an aroma of cinnamon. San Simeon Petit Sirah is 70% French oak with a dense purple color and peppery notes along with blackberry and ripe plum.


    San Simeon Cabernet Sauvignon is spiced with plum, black cherry and enhanced by tinges of cocoa. San Simeon Syrah stands firm with intense flavors of boysenberry, pomegranate and plum, with a lengthy finish. San Simeon Merlot is undeniably unique with cassis, blackberry and aromas of black fruit and mint.

    This collection is complete for every cabinet and every palate, made exclusively in California and claiming many awards along the way.

    Learn more about the brand at SanSimeonWines.com. San Simeon Wines can be purchased at local retailers, at San Antonio Winery in Los Angeles, Ontario, and Paso Robles, and online at SanAntonioWinery.com.


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  • San Simeon Wines

    San Simeon is a wine produced by the Riboli family for San Antonio Winery in Los Angeles, California. The brand offshoot is named for the legendary estate in the south central California hills overlooking the Pacific that was once owned by tycoon William Randolph Hearst. Fruit for the wines are sourced from vineyards in cool climate Paso Robles and Monterey California.

    San Simeon Chardonnay is a rich, mouth-filling wine with ripe tropical fruit flavors with complements of citrus and pear. The nose reveals bright fruit and oak toast with hints of vanilla and spice. Mineral notes express the rocky terroir of the vineyards. This structured and well-balanced wine shows a lengthy finish with potential to age.