• Expand Your Palate With San Simeon Pinot Noir

    Did you know that there are over 10,000 wine varietals!? With so many options, selecting one to help expand your palate can be an overwhelming task. Luckily, San Antonio Winery can help you out. We have the perfect wine for you; one that is delicate yet distinct and complex: San Simeon Pinot Noir. San Simeon Pinot Noir is a lighter-bodied red wine that wine drinkers will appreciate for its fruity blackberry flavors and soft aromas of aged oak and spice. Pinot Noir has a naturally high acidity, but San Simeon mellows out this acidic taste by bringing out the bright, plump fruit flavors that California wines are famous for. Pinot Noir is low in tannins, meaning that it won’t leave that drying feeling in your mouth like some of the heavier red wine varietals such as Cabernet Sauvignon. It is even light enough to be enjoyed without the company of a full meal.


    Pinot Noir’s name derives from its French roots. ‘Pinot’ means “pine” in French, which is named after the pine cone shape the Pinot Noir grape clusters grow in. “Noir” describes the grapes’ rich dark color. It’s no doubt that Pinot Noir has a devoted following. Historically, it is a finicky grape to grow because of its thin skin, making it susceptible to damage due to temperature fluctuations and diseases that can wipe out the whole crop. It was the favored wine varietal amongst Catholic monks who used it in their sacraments, helping Pinot Noir to gain mass public popularity. More recently, Pinot Noir reached fame upon the success of the 2004 film Sideways, in which Paul Giamatti’s character was a devoted Pinot Noir fan.


    Finally, what’s food without wine!? San Simeon Pinot Noir pairs beautifully with a wide range of foods due to both its delicate nature and its high acidity. Try San Simeon Pinot Noir with an Italian dish like basil crostini in tomato sauce or even with sushi.


    Pick up a bottle of San Simeon Pinot Noir from the San Antonio Winery at any of our three locations: Los Angeles, Ontario, or Paso Robles.