The great thing about wine is each bottle is like a teleporter; it ignites your senses and transports you to different places around the world. The climate of the region, minerals in the soil and richness of the land can be tasted through the grapes of every region.

San Simeon epitomizes what makes the California Coast so stunning, and provides the highest quality and character for wines. Our Syrah features intense flavors of boysenberry, plum and pomegranate with a lengthy finish of vanilla and cinnamon. It’s unique and captivating, and will leave your mouth wondering where it just went.

A trip to the Coast this time of year is spectacular, but it doesn’t have to cost you excessive gas fill-ups, road trip snacks and cheap hotel stays. If you want a quick getaway to the rugged shorelines, grab a bottle, or two, of San Simeon Syrah and happy travels!

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